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Smashwords book reviews by Sue Palmer

  • Text Order Bride on May 17, 2011

    This is a very sweet, short story . The author very cleverly takes the reader from a modern beginning ..... through erotica, which was steamy but well written and totally relevant an ‘old fashioned’ ending .It all fitted together perfectly, making it a good concise read. If you enjoy a love story with a bit of spice ....don’t hesitant to read this.
  • Circle City Blues on May 17, 2011

    This story is based on a very simple theme , but oh my ....what a good read!!From page one i was hooked ...couldn’t put this book down! The characters are believable and the main man ‘Mac’ is a real lovable trucker .I’m not totally sure if the author means her readers to fall for him but i did! I kept turning the pages to find out what he had decided to do next and really wanted him to make the right choices .I sympathised and felt for him , when he was happy ,i was..when he was down i was too and this, for me,is the sign of a well written book. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys an easy read and being totally engrossed to the end .Was there anything that i found disappointing? Yes ended !! Loved it ..brilliant book!
  • Mementoes of Mai on May 17, 2011

    This was a totally different read for me, although i have to say i found it thoroughly refreshing. It is written as an excerpt, of the main characters life and how he coped with emotion and the dawning realisation of how life doesn’t always work out the way you want it, therefore having to turn in another direction and succeed. I found the whole story very sweet, natural and sometimes sad. I loved the descriptions the author used, making me feel that i could actually taste and smell the things he was describing.I thought this was extremely well done considering English is not the author’s first language. To conclude, the book isn’t a page turner nor is it fast paced. It is simply a relaxing, sensitive read.
  • Upgrade on Oct. 10, 2011

    Let me begin with the ingredients: Take a decent amount of science, add to this quite a lot of sex, then introduce mystery and intrigue, mix it all up, give it a twist right at the end and you have a superb , end product-Upgrade! The author’s way with words and jaunty style of writing makes this book a very lively and entertaining read. He tells the tale of an unattractive but wealthy man seeking to change his life by neuroscience .The procedure is successful and we follow the protagonist, Brent Schoenfeld through his new style of life, now focusing on females ( which I hasten to add have very different and colourful personalities of their own )and the exploits in their efforts to woo him. As the story progressed, the author builds up the feeling that something just isn’t quite right , the suspense was growing .I actually found myself trying to second guess the ending with all sorts of scenarios and although I got somewhere close , he still managed to outmanoeuvre me with a totally unexpected and dramatic conclusion. Superb twist! This story is original, sexy, extremely well presented with excellent grammar and editing. Also, in addition to the clever mix of genres, the author also incorporates a serious message with this book ; be careful what you wish for , the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! I enjoyed Upgrade from the first page to the last and I will now look forward to reading anything else Stephen Hise has to offer. He is talented to say the least!
  • Cats: Instructions For Use on Jan. 09, 2012

    Are you looking to own a cat ? Then this is the book you need to read before doing so. It contains everything you will ever need to know from deciding to get a kitten following through to adult life and the problems you could encounter, setting it apart from any other instruction book as the author has incorporated her own experiences, throughout the entire book, telling stories about the cats she has owned and giving examples as she goes along. This makes for a much more personal touch and for me, inspired confidence in her knowledge , showing that this wasn’t just a run of the mill instruction manual but written by a genuine cat lover with an obvious passion for the feline world , passing on to others, her vast experience. To conclude: A comprehensive guide on cat ownership written in an interesting and easy to follow manner by an author who really knows her stuff and is very passionate with it .A must for a cat owner!
  • Kiwi in Cat City on March 04, 2012

    I have to admit I started this book with a little indifference. My preferred genre is horror ,thriller and murder mystery and it is many, many years since I have read a children’s book. Oh boy , was I in for a surprise! This book is a pure delight –the author has such a great imagination and her ability to captivate an audience is second to none. The tale is of two children who decide to follow their pet cat, Kiwi, one night and get the shock of the lives when they are led into a great adventure within ‘Cat City’.It is here when Kiwi and the children, who, by the way are now kittens , embark on an investigation to find missing catizens.I just loved the way the author changed words to fit into the cat world , I really don’t know how she managed to come up with so many but they were brilliant and I found myself chuckling away throughout. I soon became engrossed in the story and completely forgot I was reading a children’s book –it was so good . To conclude; this was a well written and edited story, full of fun, colour and adventure, which I found very refreshing. The ending was a little inconclusive but this is the first in the series so I am guessing this is purposely done in order to encourage the reader to read the next one, which I would certainly do. I would love to see this book published in paperback and lining children’s bookshelves, it would also be a great choice for parents to read out loud as bedtime stories as they would enjoy it just as much. With an imagination like this and the skill of the storytelling Vickie Johnstone could go far and I , for one , really hopes she does.