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  • Poetry of a Madman, Volume I on Aug. 25, 2012

    Jason Alan, poet. The words go well together after reading the evidence contained in his only publication to date, Poetry of a Madman. "I turned a phrase / she turned away / I made love / she made off"- such seems to be the experience of this darkened heart. Pain saturates his writing- images of cold, and emptiness, and open space pervade. But from this symphony of discomfort emerges also a note of high and defiant humor; laughter in the face of the atrocities that shadow life. I'd say, "Cheer up, Jason," if it weren't that I suspected that it might alter the searing impact of his poetry. "Endless high / Wait a minute coming down / Oh no oh no / Earth to you earth to me / Re-entering reality"- feels like a summary of the pattern that displays itself throughout. Sometimes Alan soars, his language classically poetic- but sooner or later he lands with a jar. Perhaps, I speculate, it is Alan's sensitivity to a strange and troubled world that sets his teeth on edge- and he has a very eloquent way of doing so. A few of the highlights from this work include: i am, part one micropoetry dig may i? cycles (flip the coin) There's a lot of lovely wordplay in Alan's work. He can also take on a voice that is both reasonable and positive. In my opinion, however, he shines brightest when he drops the writer's garment and says, "f*** it, I just wanna play!" Worth considerably more than the dollar you pay. Have a look- you won't be let down.