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Dave P. Fisher has a family tree which has its branches filled with Mountain men and explorers. His mother’s side was from Canada where the men plied the fur trade, ventured into the Rocky Mountains during the beaver boom in the 1820’s. His father was born in 1905 and saw the last of the Old West. His grandfather was Blackfoot born in a tepee on the reservation in Montana. He was a hunter and horseman who brought a great deal of Old West influence into the Fisher family. From them Dave heard the stories of the West that was. A life-long Westerner, Dave inherited that pioneer blood and followed in the footsteps of his ancestors. Originally from Oregon, he worked cattle and rode saddle broncs. His adventures have taken him across the wilds of Alaska as a horsepacker and hunting guide, through the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado where he wrangled, guided and packed for a variety of outfitters. Dave weaves this experience through his writing, drawing readers into his stories by their realism and his personal knowledge of the West, its people, and character. He has over 400 fiction and non-fiction works published which include several western novels and books, over 40 short stories, numerous cowboy poems, and two CD’s of cowboy poetry. His novels include the Poudre Canyon Saga trilogy, and Bitter Grass. He won the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction for his collection of short stories Bronc Buster – Short Stories of the American West. He has earned 8 People’s Choice Awards for western short stories and has been included in 12 anthologies. His novel Trail Back to Eagle Rock was released on May 4th 2012. Find out more about his novel and his other works at davepfisher.com.

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