James Burkard


I’m an American expatriate and professional artist presently living in Sweden. I’ve knocked about Europe for the better part of my adult life; working construction in Germany, delivering the mail in Denmark, selling newspapers in Paris, doing time in England and care-giving in Sweden.
It’s all such a long way away from growing up in Buffalo, New York sitting on the front porch in the eternal golden summers of the fifties surrounded by stacks of comic books, Mad Magazines and pulp science fiction; and with The Blob, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless playing the Saturday matinees. I’ve wanted to write science fiction and fantasy ever since. Instead I became a professional artist.
Life is such a surprise. Like a wonderful box of mixed chocolates, as Forest Gump would say. You never know what you’ll bite into next. After all these years, my life has come full circle to the kid’s dream, and I’m writing science fiction, and it really is “child’s play”.
That doesn’t mean it’s not tough sometimes, but it’s always “child’s play”… the highest form of “child’s play”. It’s why writers, artists, composers, etc. suffer any kind of economic, social or personal indignity to keep doing it. It’s fun; plain and simple fun when a minor character suddenly takes on a life of his own and takes the story in a whole new, unexpected direction so much like life itself.
It’s the wonder of creation, and with science fiction and fantasy all the stops are pulled and whole universes of all possible and impossible worlds of the imagination are open to “child’s play”. So why not step into my “Halfling Human” sandbox and let’s play together.
I am presently playing with “The Witches of Revelation”, Book Two of the Dragon's Egg Trilogy; and by the end of the year, I also expect to have another novel out, “Eternal Life Inc.”. The world is filled with so many wonderful sandboxes.


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