Virgil Hayes


Virgil and Connie have accumulated thirty-six-years, of combined teaching experience with Hypnotism, having taught professional course work, to over thirty-three-hundred individuals consisting of Law-Enforcement agents from Federal, State and local agencies for "Forensic applications." They are currently both certified by Arizona State Department of Public Safety as, Concealed Weapon, Un-armed and Armed Security Guard, instructors. Both are also certified as, "Critical Incident Response Team Members," by the Arizona State Department of Corrections. They assisted in the development of the first, American Justice Systems, Computer on-line classes, offered at a local college as; guinea pigs {first students}.
They have provided instruction to; Medical, Psychological, Psychiatric and Dental applications for selves and class work, in every hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.
These professional students' intents were to utilize the hypnotic instruction and learning potentials professionally, within their occupational and professional guidelines.
Both Virgil and Connie have personal and professional Operating Room, Hypnotic Experience, for pain control for patients and themselves.
Other students studied, to obtain and develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary, to apply this training as part-time or full-time hypnotherapists and for their families and others, within their sphere of influence.
Virgil and Connie have trained over twenty-thousand individuals in self-hypnosis for a wide variety of personal and professional applications and have accumulated over twenty-thousand student evaluations {which are currently available, for endorsement} of their high quality, value-based, service to society.
Virgil and Connie have combined vast experience and knowledge into the writing of this book. This emphasizes their philosophy of teaching self-empowerment, self-accountability and self-freedom of one's own decisional capabilities, to each and every client and student, who studies with them. They are experienced, energetic, resourceful and consistently successful instructors. They blend their individual personalities and experiences skillfully, with a balance of integrity, honor, flexibility and personal goals of teaching the development of individuality and self-determination, for each professional and self-hypnosis student. Virgil and Connie emphasize practical knowledge and skills, with an understanding of the learning capability, of the hypnotic phenomenon, which is an inherent capacity, within each and every person. They have both taught, these accelerated and amplified, learning skills for students self-determined, individualized purposes, to a vast cross-section of humanity and many are achieving amazing results. They test all presented stimulation for results, obtained or not!
This originates, with a Students Training Evaluation, upon completion of their class requirements.

Virgil/Connie Hayes
Chino Valley, Arizona


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