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  • The Colleen Colgan Chronicles-Book1-Flowers from Cannibals-2nd Edition on Dec. 09, 2010

    I had to put this book down a few times to think it over. It was an amazingly thought provoking story presented in a young adult format. I think anyone under the age of 14 will have a hard time grasping the entire meaning of what the author skillfully introduced the reader to. In my reviews I do not like to summarize the stories because I believe it means more to the reader to learn the story line for themselves, but I will tell you there are some mature topics covered in the book, not "relationship" topics, but topics based on morality, the environment, and true heroism. I give Richard Phelan two thumbs up for writing a though provoking story with wonderfully fun characters; Fred is spectacular!! The only thing I wish would have been more of a history of Colleen and her condition. The title include the phrase "Book I", so I do hope that we will meet Collen, Erin, Fred, and Albert either now or in the future!
  • Killers and Demons on May 29, 2011
    (no rating)
    Five short stories to chill your bones and feel blessed that you are not living the story unfolding before your eyes. Killers and Demons is an apt name for this book, every story centers around one or the other, and in many cases, they are one in the same. Although not appropriate for anyone younger that high school age, I think this would still qualify as a great YA horror short story book. The tales are brief enough to capture their interest; short enough for them to learn to tell during sleepovers and over campfires. Victorian shadows has the best feel to me, and I feel that one could easily be stretched into a novella at the very least, learning how one escapes Hell and lives on the run from a demon. The rest of the stories are sure to make your YA reader think twice before turning off the light or walking down a dark alley. For .99 cents on SmashWords, it is a great start to your high schooler's summer reading list! (flashlight and scary sound effects not included!!)
  • Part 1: The Lady on Aug. 11, 2011

    A small town is plunged into oppression single-handedly by a nasty piece of work. A long-ago wealthy child is now forced to live in squalor while trying to raise and protect her younger sister. A drug addict doing all the wrong things for the right reasons. These are only some of the characters you will encounter when you enter this little town. The main focal point of the town is not known for its beauty, it is known for its short skirts and ample bosoms. This quaint little port town is also being held under the thumb of a tyrant who has no problem sicking his bodyguard on anyone who doesn't or is not able to pay back money loaned out. Nereia is, unfortunately, this tyrants niece, but if you think that gains her pr her sister, Mary, any type of leniency, you would be way off the mark. Not only does this not help these two sisters, Nereia seems to get treated worse for the relationship. Her uncle is constantly trying to force her to work in the brothel, which she refuses to do. She puts her life at risk every night as a thief to keep her and her sister fed and out of his clutches. But his claws reach farther than she ever thought possible, and death may come to Nereia anyhow, and her pocketbook no heavier for the trouble. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, I must know what happens next. While I am waiting on the next installment, I would say it was one of my biggest irritants about the book. I felt that we had no closure to anything that was started in this book. While I know this is the first of a series, the readers need some sort of closure on at least one of the plot lines that are going on in this book. Unfortunately, none of the ends were tied up...leaving me to wonder what happened with everything. What I did love about this book was the many plot lines that were woven in with one another. This is a very complex story being told in a short novella. I am intrigued to see how she will tie up the story to make them all fit, and what else she has in store for us. The characterization in the book is done beautifully. We hate who we are supposed to hate, and let me tell you, if I ever would get a hold of the one we are supposed to hate in this story, there would definitely be police reports filed. I wanna beat the tarnation outta this man!! So, yes, we hate those we are supposed to hate, and are interested in all of the other characters that have been introduced. For being a shorter book, I would say this was very well done. I have seen longer books that had not been able to accomplish the same thing. Anyone with a great imagination will be able to vividly bring up the horrific details that are brought up in this book. While this isn't a gruesome book, there are some elements in it that would be noteworthy in a horror flick. All I cam say is...Poor, poor Emma. The great thing about books though, is that you can make the details as clean or R-rated as you would like. Add in the smells, drips, and stains if you wish, or keep it a bit more sterile, but either way, you will still get a picture of the trauma happening. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something a bit different than the run-of-the-mill book. This book actually takes me back to my younger years when I read more adventure books. There is no paranormal aspects to it, just all action and some adventure. Pay attention to the details as you go, or the web JA Clement weaves for you may be missing a few strands, and you will need to be aware of them all in order to grasp the concepts.
  • OtherWhere: The Crazies on Aug. 11, 2011

    The OtherWhere, a place to escape to once you have passed through the Nothing. It is a place where the Rabbits rule, and the Weasels are footmen. Imaginary friends are real here and the land changes with perspective. But where do you go? Who should stay and who shall remain behind? This is a short story that I really enjoyed. It took me just a little bit to catch on to what was going on, but once I did, I found myself liking this story more than Alice in Wonderland. This short story reminded me of a mix between the Matrix and the before mentioned Alice in Wonderland. As this is a VERY short story, about 22 pages log, I can't say too much about it without giving anything away, but I will say, if you enjoyed either of the two books that I mentioned earlier, take a chance on OtherWhere. You will not regret it.
  • This Will Not Look Good on My Resume on Aug. 11, 2011

    I think this could have been a good book. I couldn't even finish it though. The jokes in this book are often cruel, and the woman who is the "narrator" is a jerk. There were a few things in there that I laughed at, but the majority of it was just obnoxious. By the second chapter, I understood the idea "Men=sexist pigs and women=the superior race". There were only so many times in the few chapters I read that I could stomach the whole concept. I was really looking forward to reading the book. From the synopsis, I thought this would be a hilarious light read. It turned into a woman's rant. The book simply became monotonous and definitely NOT FUNNY . I don't think I need to read any further to see how many more ways she can fit in how stupid, shallow, slow witted, sexist, and piggish men can be
  • Doodling on Aug. 11, 2011

    The things in life have a tendency to make your head spin. I have dreamed many times of just letting it all go, leaving it all behind. Neville gets this opportunity, and he made the most of it. Since life on Earth is no longer appealing to Neville, in fact, he let go and watched it fly away. Things were just going to fast for him. So he looks to the asteroid belt to build his new life. After an attempt at a solo asteroid, he realizes that complete control over everything just wasn't for him. So Neville starts an adventure across the asteroid field and meeting several different types of unusual people on the way. This book is great for younger readers looking for something amusing to read. It is a shorter book, so it is something they would be able to tackle on their own, while still feeling they accomplished something when they finished it. The characters in this book would amuse many younger children as some of them are fairly silly. This would also be a good book to read to your favorite young person!! :-)
  • Unlucky Dip on Sep. 17, 2011
    (no rating)
    The Pan must do something quickly, not only is he Blacklisted, but he has just done something terribly stupid. His instincts kicked in before his mind had a chance to tell him how insane it was. He just nabbed the wallet of the baddest of the bad. What's a pathetic soul like The Pan supposed to do? Grovel. Pray. Grovel. I'm not sure if it's necessary to do it in that order, but all three are needed to get out of this situation alive. This short made me wonder exactly what type of beings were in this story. There is talk of antennas waving and quivering. I thought it was going to be a mob story, but the antennas have peaked my interest. I think I may just have to pick up the larger work, Few are Chosen.