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John Burnett, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the University of Denver, is the author of twenty books and numerous blogs and articles targeted at the legal community.

His twenty-first book, How to Avoid Random Acts of Marketing, synthesizes his knowledge and experience into a concise approach useful to attorneys in small to midsized legal firms. Built on the framework of the marketing planning process, this little book incorporates all the relevant marketing strategies useful to the lawyer challenged by limited resources and a superficial understanding of marketing principles and practices. It is the consummate reference book for legal marketing. In addition, the book examines marketing tactics naively employed in many modern legal firms such as rainmaking, branding, and social media. Learn how to limit random acts of marketing by following a planning process to optimize your marketing resources and increase your success.

During over 40 years in academia, Dr. Burnett’s research and writing has focused on a variety of marketing-related topics, with an emphasis on marketing communications, legal marketing, marketing planning/strategies, and services marketing. He has consulted with companies such as Coors, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as nonprofits and legal firms throughout the US. He leveraged his experience and expertise into an exciting marketing firm built on solving real marketing problems, relationship building, and facilitating client growth.

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