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Dream Write Publishing is here to make a difference for those writers who might not have the opportunity to publish the “traditional” way. The global publishing industry continues to change and evolve with the technologies of the Internet. We are tied to that change as part of the industry, but our company is determined to make a difference and is happy to meet in the middle of traditional and self-publishing. We choose to lead with options, rather than just follow along with the flow. EBook readers have changed the face of book reading, literally. The ability to acquire more books on your reader device than you ever could think of carrying in an armload is available with the click of a download button. For many, the consensus still remains – the feel of a good book in hand will never be replaced. We offer an ebook publishing agreement: to those authors who wish to compliment their print book with an electronic version; to those who wish to only go the electronic route; to those who do not have the time or desire to master what is necessary to take their journey to this level. That is the basis for our company as we are bound to the heartfelt creative tradition of hard work where blood, sweat and tears results in a polished end product. Our company is part of a global community and we have created a niche upon which to build our publishing foundation. Our goal of promoting writers has proven to be successful – it’s more than just our dream, it’s a dream that belongs to writers who have a vision of seeing their work in print. We make help make that dream happen.

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