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I am casual reader. I read books every single day about anything that interests me. I dream to have a library full of books for my future kids to read and enjoy.

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  • The Star Dwellers on Oct. 13, 2012

    I know I like a book when it bleeds into my dreams. After finishing this book, I had a dream of being underground, with a headlamp and gun in hand. It was too short a dream, but long enough for me to remember. I really love how David made this series into a double POV. It helps the reader learn more about how Tristan and Adele attacks certain situations, the emotions that they feel on any given moment, and how they long to be with each other but still keep their priorities in focus. This book made me love Tawni more. I like Roc's humor. I love Elsey! And Ben, he's the kind of man you would like on your side. Anna's strength and love for her family is admirable. Then there's Trevor. I kind of miss Cole. David dropped bombs of secrets in this sequel. I was like, "Whoa?! Is this for real?!" and there were also the I-knew-its. The sneak peek of the next book just makes me want to jump to December!
  • Furthermore on Jan. 01, 2013

    I bought this book for a good cause and because David Estes contributed his works here. I think it helps the readers if they have read the books from some of the authors, as it did me, to appreciate the shorts stories. Worth my money, I'd say.
  • The Sun Dwellers on Jan. 01, 2013

    The third book just made me love the series more. I really do love the double POVs. It makes the reader understand what's going on in both Tristan's and Adele's minds. Oh, and their love. It just blossomed into something more real. Scar or no scar.
  • The Earth Dwellers on Sep. 12, 2013

    The Earth Dwellers is the fourth book for both The Dwellers Series and The Country Saga. I honestly was overwhelmed with emotions when I started reading this book. Come the second chapter, I realized, I am reading about all the characters that I have grown to love from both book series. The fact that the dwellers, Tristan and Adele, were not insta-friends with the Heaters - Siena, Skye, Wilde - when they first met, just adds to the excitement that I felt already building. There were so many points in the story that rendered me speechless. I even had to keep myself from swearing on some of the unexpected and unacceptable scenarios. Countless times, I was on edge, things were happening left and right, I felt like there's a movie playing inside my head! There are so many little moments that tugged at my heart, and I believe, if a writer can do that, then he's done a really great job concocting his tale. Reading different POVs was really a treat. I like multi-POV books. The way the author jumps from POV to POV was admirable. The characters with POVs have different lingos, yet the author, David, managed to switch flawlessly. That's one of the best things about this book, too. It builds the suspense because after dropping a bomb from one character, you switch to another. Surprise after surprise, and excuse me, but I had to stop myself from reading and say, "Fuck!". Yes, I did that. A lot. I didn't see a lot of things coming! This book wasn't just a book, it was a journey. A journey of my fictional friends. And just like real friends, you feel sad when they leave, or are gone. So yes, you will need tissues to wipe your tears when you read this book. The epilogue just brought tears to my eyes. Dazz's POV was...unwordly. It was hard saying goodbye to these characters. Tristan and Adele. Roc and Tawni. Circ and Siena. Huck and Jade. General Rose. Jocelyn. Ben. Cole. Dazz. Skye. Wilde. Feve. Buff. Jolie. The Icers. Abe. Hightower. A whole lot of characters, really.