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Tens of thousands of patients from all walks of life ventured into my exam rooms, and I enjoyed helping them. They taught me quite a bit about human nature over the years. They taught me about the world. If asked the right questions, they taught about the specifics about professions, mechanical systems, world events, cultures, families, sickness, joy, despair, sadness, relationships, religions, and education. They were the first hand, most knowledgeable experts on their own lives, which I found fascinating. As a doctor, they confided in me with information that one would not expect otherwise. We connected at many levels.

I now see opportunities to combine my experience with my education and research, and my fascination with the future. Now I want to help on a larger scale. The MultiCore Library is to encourage science, evolution, hyper-evolution, and advanced Technointelligentsia. It is a means to not only organize and accumulate knowledge, but to also accumulate wealth, power and political clout to resist, reform, revolt and create.
Tops among my signature skills are my abilities to recognize complex patterns common to a great variety of fields. Immersed in eight years of university level courses, I searched for connections and applications, always hoping to find a relational core of subjects and unifying theories. Now, after a life time of searching, I've finally discovered what I longed for. As I read scientific journals, university textbooks, and popular books written by PhDs in a variety of fields, and the daily shock of the news, I am well armed with something that facilitates deep understanding. Let me merge your current worldview with that of the MultiCore. By building a comprehensive and associative core to examine all major fields of study that involve human behavior, information about your roots, health, wealth, signature skills and activities, and especially your worldview, will bubble into better focus.
As you begin your intellectual journey, you step through the front door of this dynamic powerhouse of cornerstone subjects, ultimate collective goals, and prime directives that are part of the MultiCore. Rewire your neural circuits to optimize your potential to succeed. Learn what you may need to do. You will better understand the world. Then accomplish what is best for you, your family, your friends, your species and your planet
If the MultiCore is anything at all, it is a grand synthesis. Arising as a unifying theory for human nature, domineering and timeless Darwinian principles, and the scientific method, it takes on all comers of myth, religion, communism, socialism, republics, democracies, and forms of tyranny.

The MultiCore literally offers up a model for keys to the Universe we call humanity. It is bold enough, not only to heat-seek omniscience, but to illuminate the path towards it. With our current global crisis that only seems to worsen daily, it is time to make copies of the keys to the universe, and share them. The MultiCore Ideology has five main goals: one of them is to support many dedicated minds like yours working for all of humanity, no matter what their basic ideologies. As a collective alliance that is cross-cultural, cross-religious and worldwide, we need not only to help solve our most pressing problems, but also launch a fantastic global Enlightenment and Renaissance. How could you not want to participate at his most critical time in history? It may be our only way out. We need to prevent World War III, and unfortunate catastrophe at all levels of experience.
For this type of life long project, the author's personal beliefs and values come under scrutiny and evaluation. Although the MultiCore arises from the scientific method and the principles of sexual and natural selection, a little personal opinion regarding the most important issues of politics undoubtedly seeps in here or there. I work with a team of consultants and editors but I'll let you know what my beliefs and values are as the lead author. Already accepting evolution and science, I soul searched for years through numerous religions and spiritual practices to find more intimate meaning. A composite worldview eventually became one of: a deep connection with Nature; tremendous appreciation for the sacred and the sublime; and all anchored by rational humanism. I’m philosophically aligned with the movement we might call responsible transhumanism. A naturalistic, rational, .scientific, pantheistic, and responsible transhumanist begins to describe the current path of my evolving, MultiCore compatible, identity. “MultiCore compatible” is defined shortly, but it includes respecting the basic and universal rights of others.

Traveling to experience a diversity of cultures and environments, the MultiCore helps me explore, learn, and appreciate life to the fullest, and organize what I learn. It gives me hope and a scientific path for various forms of global solutions, Enlightenment, Renaissance, and immortality. The more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the easier it becomes.
I hope you enjoy reading, applying and participating in the MultiCore as much as I enjoy researching and writing about it. The MultiCore is not just a continuous, updating series of ebooks that explains humanity, and helps people achieve what they want in life. It is also an expression of a human mind just like yours, a grand associative matrix, a wonderful, sacred, evolving complex, just beginning to understand itself, and realize what the planetary implications have become. We need minds just like yours o turn your unique knowledge, experience and creative powers towards viable solutions. The MultCore doesn’t seek to replace your ideology, it only seeks to complement it, to give it tools, nothing more. Beyond respecting basic rights, and perhaps working to constrain those who don’t, it encourages freedom and individuality, not strict adherence to customs, beliefs and laws that more benefit leaders than the masses, and our beautiful, life rich planet.
Life is about different flavors of love, family, work, society, entertainment, different ways of learning, and different ways to game for purpose. We humans selected each other, in part, for our entertainment value—it made life much more fun—but also more informative and exploratory. Entertaining each other as part of extended families in primeval times helped evolve us into what we are today. From entertainment arises more imagination, more passion, and more creativity that help fuel leadership. For an intellectual and curious reader with goals, or someone who wants to attain the next level in personal development, or for someone with a big heart who wants to help, the MultiCore is perfect. I hope you find it as engaging and entertaining as it is informative.

Hit www.TheMultiCore.com for updates and links to think tanks, upcoming ebooks, and some entertaining and educational videos. Please share your knowledge and experiences, and your imagination for all to benefit. Intellectually seductive Darwinian Wiki type projects beckon you, those that just might help make right what is wrong in the world.
Dr. A.I. Strong (Pen name) July 4, 2014
Los Angeles

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How to Solve the World's Problems in 50 Years or Less: Manifesto for Revolution
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 45,930. Language: English. Published: July 4, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Evolution
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The MultiCore employs the minds of Pulitzer Prize winning theorist Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs and Steel, planetary intelligentsia Max Tegmark, the immortal Ray Kurzweil, and the spirits of Martin Luther King Jr and Charles Darwin. The ensuing synthesis blends the principles of evolution with advanced forms of intelligence to solve our major problems humanely and in style.

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