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  • Butterflies Are Free To Fly: A New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution on Oct. 29, 2012

    Stephen Having read your book several times on ereader,printed pages that have a deep impact,and now listened on a cellphone,I cannot let a note of thanks pass. I'm probably of a similar age to you,and after a lifetime of reading have found the book that can be my last. My feeling is one of gratitude for your words.I acknowledge your courage,your extraordinary vision.and the sense of fun that makes the book,and life, so wonderful. My deepest thanks, John Buckingham
  • Higher Vibrational Spirituality on Feb. 23, 2013

    This is a beautifully written book on a very esoteric subject.It is grounded in a fine combination of intellect and spirituality which avoids the more dramatic aspects of the subject.It conveys a way of living that has an impact on my view of life and the way I would wish to live the years remaining.