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  • Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy Part One on Dec. 22, 2011

    "Johnny is the best spy in the world!" This is the code to Johnny B. Fast's (a.k.a. Clunker's) super-spy station bedroom -- just one aspect of the underground life that Johnny keeps secret from even his father. On the outside, Johnny Clunker is a typical teen, with a typical day, consisting of home and school. But the deception is painstakingly and humorously kept in order to save the world from destruction as a super spy! Think of this book as Indiana Jones meets an adolescent James Bond - adventure, gadgets, and a high-octane pace with amazingly dark (and seductive) super-villains. In terms of the writing - In my mind, Johnny B Fast reads like a screenplay - the action scenes are vivid and real and I could see them in my mind as I paged faster and faster through the e-pages to find out what happened - and the narrative feels like a director's commentary. Definitely can't wait for Part II!!