Dr.King is an avid writer in the nonfictional category. In the past 3 decades he has written several books in the areas of philosophy, Yoga, religious practices, sculpture, gardening, and so on. His books often blend scientific outlook with traditional faiths and practices. His books especially in the area of ancient philosophy succinctly showcase volumes of ancient literature in a condensed form, providing very authentic, insightful and unbiased portrayal. These books are generally characterized as thought provoking, giving an incisive look at the otherwise difficult to understand topics. One can expect to find reliable information, devoid of glorification and hype that is typical in this category.

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What motivated you to write "Yoga Facts - Answers to Some Important Questions about Yoga"?
There are many reasons
1. I keep coming across "research findings" that seem to suggest that Yoga can be harmful. My own experience with Yoga does not match with that conclusion. Whatever I have studied about Yoga does not make me believe that there can be anything harmful about Yoga. So, where is the problem. I found that answer lies in wrong perceptions about Yoga.
2. Many sincere Yoga enthusiasts have expressed their inability to make any progress. So, I wanted to reassure them that they can do it. I have also wanted to clear some misconceptions about Yoga.
3. I am a bit uncomfortable about whole lot of things that are being propagated as Yoga. That adds to the whole confusion. I felt that it is time we know the facts.
4. I also wanted to emphasize the fact that Yoga is not the only way.
Why do you often quote from ancient texts?
In the event of tall claims about things like Yoga, philosophy, it is necessary for anyone to quote from exact texts. This not only adds authenticity, but also cultivates a more scientific practice of conveying information.
It also discourages people from making baseless claims. Probably such objective way of communication removes several confusions.
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