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  • Healthcare Providers: How to Promote Your Practice to a Well-Pay, Self-Pay Clientele on July 19, 2010

    Lyn Kelly is AWESOME. Her ebooks are the books. There are so many garbage marketing books at the bookstore, garbage marketing seminars, people trying to take a lot of money from health care practitioners teaching marketing. Every other marketing book/class is just psycho-babble. Full of stupid tips likes "be positive," "attract clients to yourself," "whatever you do, do consistent." OK, the psych stuff and being in the correct frame of mind of important. It's not worthless, but to market successfully you also need an action plan. You need the right mindset, plus a concrete plan to execute. Lyn Kelley does both! And she has amazing actions plans. The great things is, she has a whole list, full of details on how to execute each one. If one marketing strategy isn't right for you, another one will work. It's not like other marketing books that are all psycho-babble. Do you know what's really good for confidence and self motivation? Workable action plans. Her ebooks are the absolute best!