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  • Djinnx'd (The Tamar Black Saga #1) on March 24, 2010

    This has to be one of my favourite books of all time. From the beautifully designed cover, through the unbelievably witty prologue and thirty subsequently amazing chapters, then culminating in the enticing epilogue. I was glued to this book as I was to the works of writers such as Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Michael Crichton. The story has the benefit of being totally unique and unlike most fantasy novels, has a good sense of realism as for the most part, the story is set in the present time. Humour is used throughout this work to very great effect and is punctuated by darker more sinister episodes, The characters have been well thought out and are totally believable, you can really feel the emotions of the books hero `Denny' as he has to come to terms with the many pitfalls that lie ahead. It is obvious that this work has been written with care and devotion and should not be missed - Tell your friends - .. This is also a book that can be enjoyed by most readers of most ages and although it is based very firmly in the realms of fantasy, it has a universal feel that everyone will enjoy. I now wait with bated breath to see if a sequel arrives on the market.