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It is a tremendous blessing as well as an immeasurable spiritual growth opportunity having grown up in the Bible belt of the United States. The G_d conscious environment undoubtedly was conducive for acquiring perspective on the vastness of Christian ideology prominent in this country. The illumination of Him can be denoted by the life point stages: At age eight was my first entrance into His light experience. The eventuality of that day is even now, very vivid in my adult mind. A sibling approached me and taunted that my actions of having left the yard that day had put me in deep trouble with mom. So quick it seemed the sibling was to belabor the point that they could not wait until mom gets home, so they could tell on me. The infraction was an instruction by mom given early that morning. The younger kids were instructed to stay at home until she returned home later on in the afternoon. Well, that morning unlike most morning found me, typically a little slow getting dressed and cleaned up. [By the way, (a little slow’) its’ funny how they say, some things never change] The instruction was not clearly heard at the time it was given. As mother was giving, my focus was on the task of brushing my teeth and running water in the bathroom. Having not followed the usual, pretty much compulsory practice of bathing before you go to bed, necessitates that it had to be carried out this morning. The sibling did not repeat the instruction, but simply walked by me with the admonishment, momma meant what she said.
The most recent and memorable instruction from momma directed me to stay away from the new house construction that was going on a few blocks over. I wasn’t about to do that. Well, my first destination for the day put across and down the street to a cousin’s. After two maybe three hours of playing with this cousin, it was time to return home, only to be greeted by this same sibling chanting the melody, “I am going to tell!, you are in trouble! Momma’s going to get you! In my mind was the question, “what I have down now? The sibling would not tell me what it was, but insisted that I was in deep trouble. This whole thing gripped me in a very eccentric manner not the usual fear, or oh boy, here it comes. But my heart wanted to hear and be a part of truth. There was thirst for what was right or correct something even higher than my parents. There were trees in the yard, one in particular was referred to as the sycamore tree, it was climbed and played upon frequently.
Finding myself there found this time was the exception. I recalled leaning on the lowest limb and tilted my head up towards the sky, and saying, “G_d, I am not sure what I have done wrong. G_d you have said that I am to obey my parents. G_d I am sorry for what it is that I have done in disobeying them. But, most importantly it is you G_d that I am sorry for disobeying. G_d whatever punishment I deserve, I am willing to take it. G_d, will you forgive me?”
It was the strangest thing as it had been an over cast day. Coincidently, maybe’ but the most bizarre thing happened: I recall experiencing this incredible sense of peace and presence. In addition, being there, with body facing east, the sun at that moment parted the clouds and its rays rested gloriously on my youthful, yearning, and yielded face. After a while after having left the tree, the sibling came running up to me proclaiming that same decree. My sincere and solemn reply which seemed to close the books on the whole matter was, “You can go ahead and tell, it is okay you can tell momma, I am not afraid. I have prayed to G_d and I am ready for whatever.” The sibling had the most exhausted or depleted look on their face and the matter was never ever rehearsed to my knowledge.
It was at age sixteen when I experienced the incarnate transference of His light. It was at this age when once again had a realization that His light was to have a reality in those that accept His salvation. It took place on a night where I was thinking and meditating upon the realness of G_d. The necessity of an active presence of His essence was very much necessary to allow for His essence to be more resident and guide in my life. Lead and guide me into all truths were the words of consideration. Going into prayer was the acknowledgment to G_d that His spirit I needed and asked that it be acknowledged and submitted to; by my will. This I received and felt a confirmation and acceptance of His gift’s presence within. transparence, and translation eminence incarnate ..
It was age twenty where the enlightenment of His translation began. G_d was in His words. G_d was in His human life. G_d was in His communication. A college biblical course on the Old Testament, introduced the uniqueness of bible understanding through a Hebrew thought perspective. The was a seed which went on to grow into a zeal for understanding Yeshua and the communique of G_d, [the word] through His divine nature but His natural culture and language. This seed flourish into deep rooted zeal for seeking and following this method as a personal means of translating the written teaching and instruction into my personal Torah understanding.
Lastly it was some thirty-two years after that that I realized that it was back at His introduction to me given at age eight that holds the key to entrance into His enlightenment and eminence. All of this works for a great empowerment in my life. The subsequent, precious fruition time spent in Colorado, which is the bulk of my adult life, is where the processing and building of the acquired perspective was put into simple ascending order. The basic framing of the moment experienced at age eight be summed in one word; ‘hear’. I was ready to hear G_d at any cost. I did not do all to ‘hear’, mothers’ instruction that morning. But on that late morning I coveted to ‘hear’ G_d. To hear is an instruction that G_d has directed at the people of G_d since Adam:
Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear [Shama], O Israel: The L-RD our G_d is one L_rd
I have and am guilty of not always giving this instruction absolute compliance. In Hebrew the word for hear is:
shama (shaw-mah): to hear
Hear: listen - realize – attentively heed – harken - mind
The application and understanding of its meaning in the religious world has probably been spun and flipped in almost as many ways as there are degrees of rotation. The Strong’s concordance denotes all the many uses of this word ‘hear’ in the Torah. There could be volumes of books written just on this words Hebrew and Christian interpretation and uses. There have been two biblical uses of the instruction which have dominance in the all of my spiritual acumen. The first is the scripture above and the second is
Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities [churches] (Revelations 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22; Matthew 11:15; 13:9,
It has been all about my hearing (listening and embracing) the voice of Instruction or the Spirit of G_d. This to me means much more than lip service. The word hear is more profound when the understanding that it implies attentively and nonrestrictive listening on my part. I have not been a one hundred percent champion of this in my life. Yet burning in the very depth of my soul is the desire to always be a hearer of His Spirit. This desire and purpose is ever before me. The teachings and writings that have been enlightened to me are all a result of the ‘hear’ being applied in me. In every stanza and approach of my life this ‘hear’ is there. My receptiveness and process of its content determines the outcomes whether exact to His instruct; or the very sore of my error.
G_d is speaking always by His Spirit. It seems that we either divert or subvert the fact of this. It is funny how we human ‘beings’ try to or choose to practice selective hearing when it comes to the communique of G_d. It is almost as if we perceive the Spirit speaking as a hi-fi stereo unit, which we simply switch on or off, turn up or down, and change input or track. My commitment is to diligently be open to embrace the Spirit [Voice of G_d’s Principles]. This sounds simplified, but much is required of me physically, mentally, and spiritually to allow this to have sovereignty in my ‘being’. This is the responsibility that as a ‘redeemed of the L_rd’, I embrace. G_d is speaking. The fact that the almighty is speaking is enough to cause or grab all’s attention. His body of work and portfolio snatches the focus and reverence of all.
My sheep hear (listen) to my voice, I recognize them, they follow me...,
John 10:27
Ever since accepting Him as L_rd and Savior, the consciousness of ‘being’ one of His sheep has been an esteemed personal treasure. Thus it is invoked in me to hear his voice for His recognition and my correct following. These are truths to me: Yehushuah (Jesus) and the Father (G_d) are ‘One’. Yehushuah is the word of G_d. The Word is and are the principles’ of G_d. The Spirit is the ‘Voice of G_d’s Principles. This is what I hear when I ‘give mind’ to the ‘Word’ of John 10:27: ‘My sheep ‘attentively harken’ to my voice (Spirit), I recognize them, they follow me...,
These words of Jesus [Yehushuah] proclaim an incredible sense of aspiration and consolation when He says:
41 “...Yehushuah looked upward and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me.
42 I myself know that you always hear me ...
John 11:41,42
If I can be anything before Him, let it be a walking example of such is the Kingdom of Heaven - ‘hearer’ of the ‘Spirit of G-d’. (Matthew 19:14)
My pen name is the name recorded as author of this book, and my name is Dennis Simpson. My prayer for you is for your Simchat Torah [Joy of His Teaching and Instruction].

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
The latest book is named 'Hakodesh'. The word is Hebrew and found in various places in scripture. The idea that G_d is holy, intrigued me. What does this it really mean to have a G_d who is 'holy'. I was excited at the thought of G_d 'being' 'holy', but what does that say about Him. I had to find out what this 'holy' meant, other than all the external practices and norms of men and Christianity. It became an obsession as I was inspired by its use in the Torah book of Leviticus. It was the first occasion of it as a name for holy, found in chapter eleven and verse 44. G_d instructed His people to be Holy even as He is 'holy'. The invoking of question came when in the Hebrew Scroll there were to different words used for 'holy'. The first word was Hakodesh and then G_d said that He was Hakadosh. The book explores these words and there application to the people of G_d.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The first story was about Jane and Spot. Jane was asked to see Spot run fast. It was fascinating to be able to recognize letters which were formed into words and yielding an understanding and visualization through their formation in the medium of sentences, invoking mental imagery in my mind. The results made me hunger for more letters formed into word recognition.
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