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Darren DeSmeaux grew up in a middle-class suburb of Minneapolis with his older brother and sister. In his youth, he led an active life, often times outdoors, playing most any sport he could. Eventually, his passion turned to hockey, where he spent countless hours playing games or practicing on the outdoor Minnesota rinks.

He played high school hockey, then Junior A hockey, and went on to play Division-III hockey after that. He was voted All-American as a defenseman three of his four years in college, then played a year of minor league hockey after graduation. Once his short flirtation with the professional hockey ranks ran its course, he retired and moved back to Minnesota.

Darren's early retirement was short-lived, as he began his business career shortly thereafter as an inside sales representative. After six months of phone sales, he moved into finance, where he has filled various roles for about the past 9 years. He received his Master of Business Administration degree while he worked full-time.

His first role in finance was working for a medical device manufacturing company, and after two years, he took a different role at a large grocery retailer and distributor. Two years later, he was presented with a great opportunity to work for a small, rapidly-growing telecommunications retailer that had just relocated from another state. Darren spent the next five years working directly for the CFO and hand-in-hand with the private equity ownership group.

The company grew from just over 100 retail locations to over 1,200 locations in a span of four years, which included fourteen separate acquisitions and a large merger. The entire company was then sold to another much larger private equity group. Darren DeSmeaux left the company in early 2017 to take a career break and pursue a freelance writing career, although he remained on as a consultant through October 2017 while the company transitioned its headquarters away from Minnesota.

Darren has published two books in the Bipolar Man comedic adventures series, and the third installment, Detective Schizoaffective, will be released in the fall of 2018. He is currently working on The Adventures of Baby Doll and Chi-Chi - a children's book based on the real-life adventures of his two daughters.

He is an agreeable, sarcastic, and analytical introvert who is very easy to get along with and is extremely genuine. He loves sports, especially golfing and hockey, and he enjoys many various activities such as writing, SCUBA diving, being a father, watching movies, and reading about science and outer space.

He has also recently tried to become involved in helping fight against the stigma of mental health ailments. Along with that, Darren has expanded his knowledge of consciousness, reality, existence, Buddhism, meditation, spiritual awakenings, the afterlife, and many more somewhat related topics. He is also beginning to delve into the realm of Quantum Mechanics to try to understand how the building blocks of life interact.

He currently lives in a suburb of Minneapolis with his wife and two daughters.

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
Books about Spirituality, Buddhism, Consciousness, Molecular and Quantum Mechanics (not that I understand it), and the Universe.

There's a book by the Dalai Lama called 'The Universe in a Single Atom' which encompasses all of the above concepts. It's my view on how reality works...at the moment.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My iPhone 7. It takes a few more page flips than other devices but it works.
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