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I grew up in San Francisco, California. The districts that I grew up in were Double rock, near Third Street. This was close to Hunters Point District, back in the day when all the fast muscle cars would race them for the pink slip, every Friday night. I also grew up in the
Bay view district, which was also not far from the Hunters Point District. I visited the Point very often, which was what they used to call
Hunters Point. I was also raised in the Fillmore District, Ingleside, Lakeview, South Park, and a few others. I was one of the little kids,
that used to stand outside of Do City on Fillmore Street, in the Fillmore District back in the day when Fillmore Slim used to get his hair
laid (processed). We used to watch the Barbarians, caravan thru the Fillmore riding six deep. Hundreds of them in the gang. Trojans,
riding deep, thru the town. Hundreds of them gang bangers riding deep thru the Fillmore. This was in the day right before the Fillmore
West on Geary Street, and the Winterland Entertainment Center in the Fillmore. I come out of that day, way back when. Old School.

Smashwords Interview

How did you get started as a writer, and author of a novel?
I always knew that I had the ability to write, because I studied English in college many years ago. I never thought that I would use my skills as a writer, and author. But, after some years I decided that I wanted to do something more than just going to a 9 to 5 job.
I wanted to do something better than just work, and go home every day. Besides that, I wanted to leave something behind that
people could remember me for, long after I am gone. Something brilliant. So, here it is, just for you. Something that is totally entertaining, in it's highest form. Enjoy.
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Ridiculous, and the True Word
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 92,990. Language: English. Published: January 18, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Ministry / Children
This book is about a family of hillbillies that live far, up into the backwoods of Kentucky. There is the father who calls himself Papie, and the mother that calls herself Mamie. They really never even knew their own names. They have a young son, by the name of Jick. They named him. This book prospers their lives in many, many ways. They start off living in a two room shack, with dirt floors.

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