Daniel Ticknor


I am not a writer. I had a story to tell, Song of the Fallen Star was it. (There was another book, religious fiction, but I haven't put it on Smashwords.) It rolled around in my head for many years, but I couldn't write it until Parkinson's disease forced me to "retire" at age 46. Getting friends and family to read it was like pulling teeth, but afterwards they said it was pretty good (like they would say anything else...). Question: What causes someone to choose a book to read? Song of the Fallen Star looks like any other book in the bookstore (in its paper form), reads pretty much like most other fantasy books, and has a somewhat unique story. But nobody I give it to ever seems to get around to reading it. Perhaps if I made them pay for it, they would feel more obligated to justify the purchase by actually reading it. Hmmm.....

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
I have fans? You mean, somebody actually read my book without me nagging them? Wow!
Who are your favorite authors?
Tolkein, Poe, Norton, the usuals in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category. Except H G Wells - his stuff is too outdated to enjoy. And Asimov. He is so far off the mark for what computers actually -are-, that his stuff just comes off as silly nonsense.
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