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  • The Chronicles of Gan: The Thorn on Sep. 18, 2010

    Free your imagination. Walk with me for just a bit. The way may be a bit foggy at first, but before you know it, your eyes will adjust to the possibilities that lie beyond the clouded horizon. What could have been. What might be. Imagine being in heaven. I’m not sure if God lives in a house or not, but in my imagination, I see Him standing at the window of his bedroom, admiring the gold-paved streets. Their reflection shines cheerfully around heaven, and God smiles as He brings His attention to the day ahead. Before leaving the room, He leans with curiosity over the solar system sitting on His dresser, admiring the freely spinning planets and twinkling galaxies. He notices every minute detail of Earth and shakes His head a bit when He sees an erring child. He knows every person. He loves them all. After looking at Earth, God walks along His dresser, following the planets as they orbit around the Sun. Far beyond Neptune, He watches another planet, one He has named Gan. On it, He watches more of His children. Life on other planets. I’ve approached this subject countless times with many friends and family. Who’s to say it isn’t possible? I had one person tell me, “I can’t even start to think down that line, and I feel like my head is going to explode. It creeps me out.” But to me, it mystifies me. Although careful not to become too radical in my thinking, I allow little episodes of dreaming to take place in this direction. I’ve stepped into the fog of the unknown, but never allowed myself to wander there for long, for fear of becoming lost. However, author Daron D. Fraley not only allowed his imagination to wonder into this fog, he eventually made sense of it in fiction form. When I stumbled upon his book, The Thorn, a while ago and read the excerpt, I instantly became curious. Daron Fraley considers his book as speculative fiction, a genre that I rarely read and know very little about. I admit I was a bit confused, which in turn caused me to read the first few chapters with a critical eye. But eventually, I became wrapped up in a world far from Earth, losing myself to the gripping story and interesting allegories. Filled with adventure and an exciting story plot, The Thorn pointed my mind to the possibilities, but ultimately allowed my imagination to tell the story.