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Ann Elise Ducheau lives in Crewe, UK with an old cat and a reproduction TARDIS. She knows absolutely nothing about beekeeping.


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  • Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase on March 04, 2013

    Dieselpunk, Firing on all Four Cylinders. From the first trench coat pocket packed with dynamite, to the last draw off a spent gasper, this ePulp collection cuts a wide, interesting swath across the Dieselpunk genre: 'That Sort of World' wanders the dirty back alleys of prohibition Chicago like a Tarantino nod to the Mobster genre, while 'Pandora Driver' cracks heads as a gas-powered, Frank Miller-penned, New Deal avenging angel. 'The Wise Man Says' channels Raymond Chandler through a high-tech, heist filter, as 'A Friend of Spirits' falls like a sunset over Hemingway's pre-Castro Cuba. This ePulp Showcase goes a long way to demonstrating the solid thematic foundations of the dieselpunk genre and raises the bar for the sub-sub-genre at least a few notches closer to the mainstream.
  • Pandora Driver: The Origin on March 05, 2013

    Forget Occupying Wall Street... ...Pandora Driver runs big business off the road and kicks it square in the teeth. Drawing inspiration from classic comic book super heroes, bathed in the harsh back-lighting of film noir, Pandora takes us from the smokey backrooms of hopping speakeasies to the gilded opulence of dusty boardrooms. Truly a new pulp heroine plucked from the ranks of the proletariat, Pandora rises up from the gutter to defend those who can ill-afforded to defend themselves. Pandora Driver makes for a sexy and thoughtful read, filled with clever dieselpunk tech and engaging characters. As the first chapter of a high-adrenaline series, I look forward to Pandora's continuing adventures.
  • Skyracos: The Mining Mess on April 22, 2013

    In its opening paragraphs, Skyracos rockets to the planet Claous, and the futuristic mining town of Destiny City. Here, a heartless, interplanetary conglomerate mines its own version of blood diamonds, Eternium. When a riot erupts and miners begin to exhibit strange symptoms, the ironclad space corp of Skyracos are called in to restore peace. But nothing can interrupt the precious flow Eternium, not without serious repercussions. Skyracos mixes pulp, sci-fi action with a good dose of political intrigue, setting forces at odds and then letting the fur fly. It's a unique take on the space marine genre, well worth attention.
  • ePulp Sampler Vol 1 on July 29, 2013

    This ePulp Sampler rapidly transports us from the gladiatorial arenas of a fantasy wasteland to the blood-red seas of the distant planet Claous, but it makes the journey feel almost effortless. In passing, it touches down on the battlefields of World War One, pauses momentary on the mean streets of an alternative Chicago and makes a swift whistle stop in Citadel City. I cracked open this Sampler in search of more of John Picha's Pandora Driver series, with its crusading, worker's heroine, but I enjoyed my detours to Russ Bopp's Robert E. Howard-inspired Rurik fantasy, N.R. Grabe's post-gender gangster tale and Mathew Davies' time-hopping journey into the trenches. Thrown in for good measure, is tale from John's Skyracos rocketeer adventures, an always welcome diversion. Volume 1 of this EPulp Sampler is a pleasant throwback to the golden days Weird Tales, and brings back fond memories of reading under the covers by flashlight, trying to squeeze in just one last page... Keep up the good work!