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Obsessed with books to a level I blog about them, hoping someone will read my rants and share in my enthusiasm of the written word.

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  • Kings & Queens on Sep. 07, 2011

    ***OBTAINED FROM A LIBRARYTHING.COM GIVEAWAY*** WOW. The description for this book on GoodReads.com does not do this book justice. This was an AWESOME, twisted, capturing tale. Like Gossip Girl with deadly consequences. Seventeen year old Majesty Alistair has had her share of hardship in her young life; five months back she lost her Dad and while the police suspected an accident, Majesty knows that's not the answer and she's determined to find out who killed her father. She's also the Team Manager of her High School's Baseball team, on which her two best friends, Derek and Alec are players. After overhearing a savage plot to take down a Church mass-casualty style, Majesty is suddenly the witness to a deadly series of events she wants nothing to do with, and all of a sudden everyone is suspect. Innocent people are dying, and it looks like Majesty is next. Upon first reading the book, I was confused and found myself saying "huh?", but after reading a few reviews from GoodReads, I took the advice of previous readers and didn't try and dissect the sentences so much. I just continued reading and magically everything came together. I found myself at work yesterday using the copier and it came to me the reason a character acted a certain way, and everything started coming together. I LOVE IT when books stay with you, and this one did. Author Courtney Vail has written an amazing novel full of unsuspecting twists and enough spice and sexual tension that scream best-seller, if more marketing was done. I would love to know what was going through Ms. Vail's mind penning this book, and how long it took her to write. The plot and solutions were well thought out and detailed. I had an electronic version of the story and unfortunately there was some editing problems (missing words like i, him, her, the, we) but other than that I am astounded by how satisfied I am with the ending. Being a person who is suspicious of EVERYONE, I was floored with how the story came together. So much that I read it within a 24-hour period. Read the finished product. You won't regret it!