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  • Pueblo Mysteries on Dec. 24, 2012

    Dennis, I just read your four short stories that make up Pueblo Mysteries. I did not know that you are a free lance writer (read "for fun writer"). I knew you were a past journalist. I enjoyed the stories, so much so that I read them all four without stopping. I am normally a poor reader of hand held books. Recently I have decided to not print my autobiography on paper but rather issue it on a CD. It will be not only cheaper but it will have word search capability. In my story I am about 35 years old and I have 355 pages without pictures and/or illustrations. For the record I am now 76 years old. Could that mean a 700 page biography? I am using MicroSoft Word for Macintosh, Version 14.2.5. I have read that Mac has come out with an application called i-Books Author. Ever heard of it? I noticed in your four short stories that you drew on your experiences with the nearby pueblos, the name Bea, and the light blue Prius. Thanks for the free ebook Don York