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Smashwords book reviews by dullens

  • Return of the Aliens on Dec. 02, 2011

    This is a Christian novel, no doubt, but certainly can be enjoyed by anyone who likes Sci-Fi and is not so much in the religion matter, as myself. Besides the last part, where the Christian religion becomes more explicit, almost all the book can be think of as some sort of fight between dark and white forces interested in controlling the earth. There are references to many concepts/mysteries, with fallen angels and demons disguised as aliens, pyramids, ancient Gods and civilizations, genetic enhancement... All in all, a good mix, well craft, with a good pace that keeps you interested and a satisfying ending. The book is well written (maybe some minor typos), the formatting is very good, with links for each chapter, good paragraph spacing and chapter sizes. It's not a master piece but certainly a thought provoking and recommended reading.
  • A Land of Ash on Jan. 26, 2012

    I don't read short stories very often and most of the collections I read had some excellent stories mixed with good, regular and really bad ones. With "A Land of Ash" things are different. Every story in here is at least satisfying but most of them are very good and some excellent. The subject is the same, the Yellowstone Caldera eruption (which I don't know if it'd be so devastating, but in my opinion, that's not the point) and the stories show the human nature and behavior during/after this catastrophe in many flavors, varying from love, kindness, hope, indifference, guilt, selfishness, desperation and violence. Some stories are bleak and more on the dark/pessimistic side of the humankind but I think the collection, as a whole, summarize a good amount of different possibilities for us, readers, to reason about. Just to make things clearer about my taste, even not reading much short stories I do like them and I also like post apocalyptic tales. If you got similar likes, go ahead and get the book. It's not long (11 stories in less than 130 pages) and very worth reading.
  • A Man Walks Into a Bar....A Compendium of Filthy, Uncouth, Lewd, Lusty and Lascivious Jokes. Written, Compiled. Borrowed and Stolen by Rob Loughran on March 26, 2012

    This book has many jokes. A LOT! (on kindle, the total location is bigger than 17.000). Certainly you'll find good ones and some not so good, but all in all, probably one of the best jokes ebook around, especially at its price range. There is an active table of contents (the jokes are grouped by subject) and every joke is separated from the next (to be honest, a very few of them missed the separator, but it's a minor problem). The typos are minimal and the grammar correctness, at least in a general sense, is very good, given the context of the book, of course. Hands down, it's an excellent acquisition. Only one more thing: the book has adult content and therefore is not indicated for readers under 17.