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Dusty White (1963-???) is a professional psychic and astrologer with several books to his name. After starting out writing humorous dating advice books for men he wrote "How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want!" for women, and "Aphrodite's Book of Secrets," a step-by-step how-to course to help woman master the physics of metaphysics in their daily lives, which is currently being tested for effectiveness. His latest book is "The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!" and completes his transition to metaphysics as the focal point of his books. All of the above titles were completed and published while he was living in squalor, and all have gained rave reviews, and one even become top-ten Amazon best-seller. He has since written his way out of poverty and is currently redesigning the Tarot from the inside out. The new deck should be unveiled sometime in 2011.

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