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Just an avid reader of erotica, cherishing this secret spot from which to indulge the naughtier parts of her mind. The act of writing is the act of creating, and we're fortunate to have such wonderful people sharing their talents and posting their works to the web site. Thank you to all the author's for taking the time to share with others : )

Smashwords book reviews by Dutiful Rose

  • The Mother and Son Club on Aug. 26, 2021

    This was a fun story to read with fun meaning: a sexual, sensual, and romantic coupling of two people. Although incest remains steeped in taboo, Stephanie addresses this is a thoughtful and loving manner (the way it SHOULD BE managed - even in real life). More importantly, though, is that the relationship grows in love, which isn't to say there's no lust or passion (there is), but under such an umbrella, all things are possible. I wholly recommend this well-developed story and look forward to reading others by Stephanie - like "Maid in Boston" because I've lived my life in New England and "Outback Auntie" because a walkabout sounds quite nice ;)
  • Milking The Mermaid on Aug. 27, 2021

    Confession upfront - I have an intense desire to be a mermaid, which is what attracted me to this story initially. However, the mermaid portion of the story is limited. I'm not implying the story wasn't enjoyable - it was, but be warned if you are looking for a human/mermaid... coupling... kinda - thing (like some... who shall remain - nameless). The story does emphasize the milking, though, in a filling manner via a solid outline. Another 4,000 words, though, would have nicely "fleshed out" the characters (whose names remain unknown), the mysterious setting, and - cutting to the chase - the debauchery. Overall, there was a rushed feel throughout, which is understandable given the long neglected desires. But a little more meat on the bone would have made a good read into a great read. Certainly, the story is worth reading, but you may have questions left unanswered at the end.