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I used to work at a government nuclear research lab out in the middle of the desert. Don't be too impressed, it was a mind-numbingly boring job. My characters hate the desert and they get that from me. It did give me a lot of time to daydream and cook up interesting stories and characters. A lot of my stories started out as ideas for movies and I did try my hand at filmmaking before getting the idea to publish them as books. I tried to make my books the absolute best they can be because I'm asking my readers for the most valuable possession they have: their time. I would feel terrible if people felt like they wasted their time reading one of my books. The people who read my stories and take time post a review are worth more to me than gold and I want you to know how much I appreciate your time and attention.

There has been some feedback that some readers are offended by some of the habits of my characters. I considered writing those sections out but ultimately decided to let the characters be true to who they are, offensive habits and all. They have relationship issues, annoying habits, and they struggle with those issues and some serious character flaws. They grow and change over the course of the series and that's as much apart of their story as the action. I hope you can stick with them through those struggles (or skip them) and understand that I don't seek to offend but to stay true to their perspective.

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