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Smashwords book reviews by DVKov

  • A Drizzle of Zombies on July 08, 2013

    I couldn't resist this book just based on the title -- how much trouble could just a drizzle of zombies cause? Well, what starts as a single human turned zombie ends in a zombie deluge. Before you can say, "BRAAAAINS!!!," the town is being overrun. The dire situation results in our hero, Captain Rescue, and the villain, Dr. Malevolent, joining forces to find a way to save mankind. They are joined by a macho cop married to his gun, a goon in a bunny suit, and a zombie who can still think for himself (mostly). Throw in some yetis, dolphins, a pink dinosaur, and a minotaur on a pogo stick and how could that be anything other than tons of fun? This book made me laugh from the front cover to the about the author notes. The hero is a bumbling idiot, but his heart is in the right place and he even manages to do a little good sometimes. The villain actually starts to enjoy the idea of saving the world, even if she does have to keep rescuing Captain Rescue. And the zombie is just happy no one has killed him yet. Joshua Price takes us on a funny, wild adventure that is really entertaining. If you're tired of the heavy drama of your standard paranormal novel and are in need of some laughs, I highly recommend giving Price a try. This book was received free as an author giveaway on LibraryThing.