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Dominique Frost
Latest book: Knockout. Published January 6, 2019.
Schuyler L'Roux
Latest book: There's Something about Flying. Published January 7, 2019.
Dawn Wilder
Latest book: Jagger's Mate. Published December 15, 2018.
Latest book: Dragons de Feu: Rhaege. Published January 9, 2019.
Matthew J. Metzger
Latest book: Tea. Published January 7, 2019.
L.A. Ashton
Latest book: Valhalla. Published December 31, 2018.
Rafe Jadison
Latest book: Little Tree. Published December 8, 2018.
R.W. Clinger
Latest book: Snowed In: Bar and Joey. Published December 29, 2018.
Paul Alan Fahey
Latest book: The Short and Long of It. Published August 27, 2016.
Michael P. Thomas
Latest book: Snowed In: Suhaib and Elijah. Published January 5, 2019.
Louis Stevens
Latest book: Twice the Hands to Hold. Published April 26, 2015.
Leon Mauvais
Latest book: Sugar Plum'd. Published December 4, 2018.
Jimmy Misfit
Latest book: The Silliest Stories Out of Bustleburg. Published July 9, 2018.
Jake Harding
Latest book: Officer Rowdy. Published February 15, 2015.
Faye Worthington
Latest book: Welcome to Grayville. Published June 8, 2014.
Erin E. Keller
Latest book: Elias. Published January 5, 2019.
Drew Hunt
Latest book: Alphabet Pasta. Published January 12, 2019.
Deirdre O'Dare
Latest book: The Maltese Terror. Published November 18, 2018.
David O. Sullivan
Latest book: Snowed In: Dylan and Kimo. Published January 12, 2019.
Leigh M. Lorien
Latest book: The Haunting of Killian McKay. Published October 23, 2018.
Gregory L. Norris
Latest book: Half-Life. Pre-release—available January 21, 2019.
Gregory L. Norris
Latest book: Mason's Murder. Published March 29, 2017.
Liam Livings
Latest book: Unlocking the Doctor's Heart. Pre-release—available January 21, 2019.
Liam Livings
Latest book: Serendipity Box Set. Published May 28, 2016.
Meredith Shayne
Latest book: Eyes Wide Shut. Published September 24, 2011. (4.00 from 2 reviews)
Allen Kuzara
Latest book: Last Refuge (Final Update: Book 2). Pre-release—available January 28, 2019.
Lazlo Thorn
Latest book: Pain and Promise. Published November 15, 2018.
Stephanie Park
Latest book: Stallion Assassin. Published December 15, 2018.
Harry F. Rey
Latest book: Forbidden Pursuits. Published December 3, 2018.
Ruby Moone
Latest book: Promises. Published August 25, 2018.
Layla Dorine
Latest book: A Season of New Beginnings. Published December 4, 2017.
Casper Graham
Latest book: A Perfect Beginning. Published February 27, 2017.
Casper Graham
Latest book: A Prince Charming for Christmas. Published December 8, 2018.
Ian Woodhead
Latest book: Woven in Blood - the sample. Published June 6, 2013. (3.00 from 1 review)
Piper Vaughn
Latest book: The Working Elf Blues. Published December 17, 2014.
Indra Vaughn
Latest book: Hooked. Published March 19, 2017.
Gareth Vaughn
Latest book: Shadows and Spell Light Box Set. Published November 9, 2018.
T.A. Chase
Latest book: With This Ring. Published January 9, 2019.
Deja Black
Latest book: Stumbling in the Dark. Published July 22, 2018.
Ary Chest
Latest book: Together in Secrecy. Published May 27, 2018.
Devon Rhodes
Latest book: Caleb & Shaun. Published January 19, 2017.
Summer Devon
Latest book: The Gentleman's Muse. Published November 9, 2017.
Reesa Herberth
Latest book: Detour. Published May 7, 2018.
Latest book: The Return of Jake Slater. Published September 28, 2014.
Dale Chase
Latest book: Disturbing the Peace. Published March 11, 2014.
Dale Chase
Latest book: Square One. Published January 12, 2019.
Asta Idonea
Latest book: Cursed with Claws. Published February 28, 2018.
Asta Idonea
Latest book: Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods. Published July 23, 2018.
Dean Frech
Latest book: Songs of the Sea. Published May 6, 2018.
Victoria Vallo
Latest book: Beat of His Heart. Published May 4, 2018.
Victoria Vallo
Latest book: Scarlet Nights. Published July 25, 2018.
Suki Fleet
Latest book: Lima Oscar Victor Echo and The Truth About Everything. Published June 12, 2015. (4.80 from 5 reviews)
Martin Delacroix
Latest book: Adrian's Scar. Published May 14, 2018.
E.L. Reedy
Latest book: Upon Broken Wings. Published April 20, 2018.
Hayden West
Latest book: Rao. Published November 7, 2018.
Carol Holland March
Latest book: The Portal's Gift. Published April 7, 2017.
Carol Holland March
Latest book: Kalong. Published November 6, 2017.
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