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Latest book: His Cat's Biggest Secret. Published June 12, 2016.
Barbie Lez
Latest book: Lesbian 10-Pack 2. Published September 1, 2017.
Betsi Ality
Latest book: Dog Mega Pack - 20 Stories of Bestiality. Published July 3, 2017.
Carl East
Latest book: A Paranormal Element. Published September 11, 2017.
Cherry Fine
Latest book: Sex and the Stable Boy (The Dare Club: Dare #4). Published October 4, 2011.
DeeDee Zee
Latest book: Sister Turned Dog’s Bitch: Fucked by a Halloween Curse. Published September 20, 2017. (5.00 from 6 reviews)
Latest book: Dirty Fucking Cumslut. Published February 25, 2017.
Farm Erotica
Latest book: Caught Giving A Blowjob To Daddys Dog. Published June 21, 2017.
Jane Amber
Latest book: The Humiliated Lady Fire (Forced, Humiliation, Bestiality Erotica). Published March 16, 2013. (4.00 from 1 review)
JD Hanson
Latest book: Sold For Sex. Published November 23, 2013.
Jez Bestiality
Latest book: Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog. Published September 14, 2017.
K.J. Burkhardt
Latest book: The Alien Insemination Project Part 1. Published July 24, 2017.
Kandy Lane
Latest book: Banging Big Dogs!. Published March 23, 2017.
Kelsey Charisma
Latest book: Charming Him. Published January 31, 2017.
Kimmy Hicks
Latest book: Humped By A Husky. Published August 20, 2017.
Kitty Kitty
Latest book: Watched by Them #2: Dark BDSM Erotica. Published August 25, 2017.
Krissy Cox
Latest book: Fucked by a Bloom of Jellyfish - Mind Control #6. Published August 14, 2017.
Liam Carmichael
Latest book: The Slumber Party. Published April 4, 2015.
Moe Lester
Latest book: Hot Dog & Pussy. Published September 9, 2017.
Naughti Gurl
Latest book: Master's Pet, Fenrir's Bitch. Published November 18, 2016.
Robert Lubrican
Latest book: The City Girl Blues. Published June 1, 2017.
Robyn Sweet
Latest book: More Fun with the Stupid Brat. Published July 20, 2017.
Ruby Falls
Latest book: Christmas with Chloe. Pre-release—available October 2, 2017.
Sexxi Lexxi
Latest book: Pegged. Published September 1, 2017.
Sophie Sin
Latest book: For Hire. Published July 9, 2017.
Wynne Burroughs
Latest book: The Beast's Lust (Monster Erotica). Published November 6, 2014. (5.00 from 1 review)