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David Robinson

A British, freelance writer and novelist who specialises in humour and mysteries, with three distinct series to his credit.

The Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries; traditional British whodunits, sprinkled with humour. Amateur sleuths Joe Murray, Sheila Riley and Brenda Jump pit their wits against a variety of murderers as they travel the length and breadth of Great Britain with the Sanford 3rd Age Club. There are currently 14 in the series and #15 is due in the spring/summer of 2016.

The Midthorpe Mysteries: more traditional British whodunits, but this time with the actual mystery relegated in favour of satire as wealthy novelist Raymond Baldock finds his ego punctured, especially when he goes home to Midthorpe, the much-hated estate where he grew up. His mother embarrasses him, his on/off girlfriend Lisa, can’t get enough of him, everyone hates him for being so successful, and his stress levels are through the roof. But he still manages to get his man.

Spookies Mysteries: A four-handed team of ghosthunters, three very much alive and a 100-year-old ghost, tackle hauntings aplenty, and usually find criminal intent irritating the spirits. Sceptre Rand and her two pals, the sceptical Pete Brennan and the jittery Kevin Keeley wander around old homes and schools trying to help the ghosts find peace, but find their own safety threatened, and they probably wouldn’t get through without the help of Sceptre’s long-deceased butler, Fishwick. Spooky, mysterious and thrilling with a side-serving of ghostly humour.

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David Robinson lives on the outskirts of Manchester, NW England, with his wife and a crazy Jack Russell terrier named Joe (because he looks like a Joe).

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I was about 12 years old and still at school. I was hopeless at everything at school other than English, and I suppose that’s why I concentrated on writing. Unlike the other kids in my year, I enjoyed turning out essays.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Due out in September 2013, it’s the ninth in a series of light-hearted, traditional British whodunits, with sleuth Joe Murray and his two closest friends, Sheila Riley and Brenda Jump.

Most of them are set in various locations around England, but for this one I’ve travelled to Torremolinos in southern Spain. My wife and I had a holiday there at the beginning of the year, and I found it such a relaxing place.

In this book Joe has suffered a suspected heart attack and the girls are taking hi there for a little R&R. His breathing is poor and he has to stop smoking. It’s no coincidence that I suffered a suspected heart attack three years ago, and I suffer from COPD, which meant I had to give up smoking and take more exercise.
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Smashwords book reviews by David W

  • The Festival On Lyris Five on June 14, 2011

    Take one depressed pilot, pensioned off too early, a young lass with more than a touch the blarney and a jealous alien resembling a cauliflower, and what do you have? The start of an entertaining and intriguing little tale, The Festival of Lyris 5. I was captured from the first page, and I as I read on, I become thoroughly engrossed in this story, its characters and their adventures, and what came at the end was a complete surprise. I knew there’d be a twist, but I never guessed what. The characters in this sci-fi short come complete with real problems, the situations they find themselves in are entirely believable and there is no magic wand to get them out of the treacle; only ingenuity. Short it may be, but the Festival of Lyris 5 doesn’t lack on action. Well done, author Nick Daws; let’s see more of Richard Barrett and Julie Halloran.