Gennipher G. Geepers


Born: 03/17/1962 i
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Education: CSUSD, CSUP, UCSD
Degrees: BS Biology, MS Botany

I was raised by a maternal Aunt from the age of 8.5 until the age of 19 as a female after being adopted after the death of my birth parents. Living as a male for the next 30 years I retired early and persued the strong desire to live again as a female. I live now as a M to F transgender (preoperative) with no intention of surgery in the future. I am trans lesbian.

I have been working on a fictional biography based loosely on my early life.

Smashwords book reviews by Gennipher G. Geepers

  • And Sissy Makes Three on Oct. 13, 2020

    A good read to get you in the mood for the real thing. Will have to read more stories by this author as I like the premise of of the storyline.
  • The Panty Sniffer: Part 2 on Nov. 05, 2020

    It's hot, naughty, nasty and I loved it. Takes me back to when I lived with my adoptive mother, my Aunt Barbara. I had three real good reads before I finished. Gennipher