Vamplit Publishing

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Due to a number of circumstances, Vamplit Publishing will cease as a small press from 23nd June.

I will be contacting all authors with outstanding manuscripts over the next week to see how I can help them finish their projects. I regret it has taken me so long to come to a final decision, but I had hoped that my commitments would allow me to continue with a smaller workload, however, this past week has proved that this will be impossible.

On a personal note I have enjoyed working with all of you and regret deeply that Vamplit cannot continue. Over the years we’ve seen many changes in how novels are produced and read, from the early days when many hadn’t heard of ebooks and didn’t think they would catch on to now when everyone and their aunt has an ebook reader and the future looks brighter still for the indie publisher and self-published author.

I wish you all success with your writing and hope that your novels go on to be best sellers.