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Latest book: Between the Lines. Published March 29, 2013. (5.00 from 11 reviews)

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  • Between the Lines on May 14, 2013
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    I too have read Paul O'Connell's book, "Between the Lines". It was not an easy read for me, it took me about two weeks and some sleepless nights. I shared some of the events that Paul encountered but from the prospective as a 2nd Lt, platoon leader of 3rd platoon in Mike Company. So I get a small dose of the struggles that Paul encountered,over the years, in parsing together his personal voyage in "his" coming of age story. And come of age he did, a number of times and ways. Like many people Paul is hardest on himself BUT unlike most of us he is brutally honest in confronting his actions as a young Marine and some of the choices he made. He was so at odds when confronting "young" Paul, when he first read the letters he wrote,16 years before when his dad gave them to him, he did not read them all , nor did he pick them back up, until quite some years later. Ultimately, I feel, this is a story of redemption. It is Paul's coming to grips with choices he made as a young man and Marine, and not liking those choices, when he rediscovered them in reading his letters home, 16 years later. He has worked very hard to find out why he made those choices.He has "confronted his shadow within" as Dr. Carl Jung might have said. In doing so Paul was able to reconcile his young Marine with the man he has become today. A damn fine journey for one fine man, husband, father and friend. Semper Fidelis, Paul! semper Fidelis
  • Between the Lines on May 15, 2013

    I have written a review, previously of Paul's book. I failed however to rate the book with the star feature. Those folks, Marines and family who know me are aware that I am an abysmal failure with things "technological". to Paul I apologise for the slight. FIVE stars to you and kudos for a job well done, Marine!!