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  • Dirty Little Angels on Nov. 14, 2010

    The author has a way with visual imagery. Every time I put the book down, I was drawn back to see what was going to happen next to Hailey, the main character of the story. As much as I wanted there to be a happy ending, or at least a moral lesson, much like life this story follows the way of human tragedy. It is not recommended for anything but a mature audience. I'm not sure what I would walk away from this story with, but if there were a sequel, I would definitely buy it. The story is fluid and unpredictable, much like life. The characters are real and not idealized by any stretch of the imagination. It gives you a glimpse into a culture that many are fortunate not to have to experience first hand. His writing style reminds me of Maya Angeleau's, gritty and unapologetic.