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Publishing novels and short stories by new and established authors. We also publish select, converted-to-original fan fiction novels, because an engaging story can come from anywhere.

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Qut Gamers Book 2: Class of Pawns by Bryn Landers - Follow a group of teens through a high school of secrets. YA

Untitled - an abducted girl finds herself swapped from one pirate ship deck to another. Adventure

Untitled - the space race will never be the same or with higher stakes. Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Untitled - a young woman behind the silk veil. Alternate History

Room of Fire by Jenn Rekka - A treasure lost in time and war re-emerges by firelight. A museum curator, his attractive assistant, and two European mercenaries are the few to see it. And they all want it. Second novel in the series. Suspense OUT NOW! Book 2 in the Rediscovered series, following Last Assault on Oak Island. (see below)

Untitled - an imbalance in the life-to-death ratio threatens one girl's life. Supernatural/Fantasy

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