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Smashwords book reviews by Aura Roy

  • Remedy (A story of Aligare) on Aug. 23, 2011

    Remedy is a book that ambitiously explores what it means to be family. Not just the families that share our blood but to the people we choose to bring into our lives, the communities we make our homes in and our world at large. The result is a refreshingly positive vision that rejects the current trend towards dystopian fantasy. If the story is lacking in the backstabbing machinations so prevalent in fantasy today it more then makes up for it in the strength and courage of it’s unique characters. The writing is lush and descriptions are often ripe with scent and flavour metaphors. The descriptions of the non-human characters make it is easy to visualize how they move and interact. Throughout, the characters swap myths and stories about their world and because of the magical nature of their realm these can seem to be either allegorical teaching stories, true tales of fantastical magic and heroism or a blending of these. The mythology and world building is cohesive and gives the story a rich and interesting foundation on which to be told. Personally I was delighted to find that there is supplemental material on the races, myths and origins of Aligare available on the Author’s website. Ultimately what made me love Remedy so much was its optimism. Ms. Vlach has created a world where the people strive to do their best and make a better world for everyone. I don’t just want to read stories set in this world, I want to live in it.