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Bill Ellul BE(Hons), FIEAust, MAIRAH
Bill completed a Mechanical Engineering Degree with honours at Melbourne's Monash University then worked for CSIRO for 15 years where he was primarily involved in research and development of novel rotary heat exchangers for air conditioning energy recycling applications.

He left CSIRO to join the Energy Management branch of Victoria's Gas and Fuel Corporation for 2 years where he received a Commonwealth government research and development grant to utilise biogas from anaerobic digestion of waste products. In 1983 Bill received a Productivity Improvement Award for developing a novel system for utilising biogas from waste effluent to produce process steam at the McCain potato plant in Ballarat.

He joined Victoria's State Electricity Commission where he conducted research and development work into the utilisation of brown coal for electricity production at the Herman Research Laboratories where he investigated and published technical papers on the worlds largest rotary heat exchanger used at Loy Yang power station to recycle waste energy to make its electricity production more efficient. He also received an Australian Energy Award for his work in promoting cogeneration and private electricity generation in Victoria while working with the Cogeneration Advisory Group in the 1980's.

He formed his own engineering consulting company Ecopower Pty Ltd in 1989 where he specialised in energy auditing work aimed at reducing energy consumption in Industry and commercial and domestic buildings for which he had gained government accreditation and funding for his work. This lead to an Australian Energy Award in the Environmental category for developing and installing a novel high temperature industrial rotary heat exchanger to recycle energy in a paper drying oven at Jac Australia in Tottonham Vic in 1995.

At the same time Ecopower developed and implemented Victoria's first biomass renewable energy utilisation by extracting waste methane biogas from an old landfill site converted to form Sycamore Reserve in Mill Park for the City of Whittlesea. This was suggested to the Council by Ecopower in order to protect the new local communities who's houses were being built close to the old waste site borders, from the harmful effects of the biogas escaping from the reserve.

Ecopower followed through with firstly flaring the gas on site, which attracted the attention of the local fire brigade as reports came in of flames hovering over houses in the distance, to finally piping the waste methane some 2.5 km to a new swimming leisure centre in Mill Park. Ecopower installed a novel cogeneration plant at the centre fuelled by the gas to produce hot water and electricity. The gas was also fed to the gas boilers where it supplemented the production of hot water and space heating.

In 1997 Bill Ellul also acquired the Rotary Heat Exchangers Pty Ltd company which originally started in 1968 and which he had a long association with it's technological development over many years. Here he continued the research and development work to develop even more energy efficient rotary heat exchangers, introducing the new Series 426 wheels and an even larger 2.7m diameter wheel. His work on the high temperature Kapton wheel continued with the aid of a small government R&D Start Grant.
In 2012 Bill had exported his first high temperature wheel to NZ where it is used to recycle flue stack heat to increase industrial process efficiency. By early 2014 Bill had produced several hundred RHE wheels which were installed in many aquatic centres and commercial buildings around Australia recycling energy to conserve our scarce resources and reduce green house gas emissions to the environment.

Bill is privately a keen sailor owning a 24ft trailer sailor RL24 and att the time Ecopower was established Bill took up his new hobby of motorcycling. In the years to come this has become a passion as he has taken riding very seriously and aims to publish what he feels will assist all riders in the safe handling of their bikes, including the many cyclers.

Bill's other more recent passion has been music and he has become a self taught piano player.

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