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Eddie Kirkup an ex-military man that served for more than 25 years and left the services in 1986 after seeing action around the world in locations as far apart as the Yemen, Canada and Europe. Eddie has been involved in various military engagements and a few gun battles, some of which resulted in him being awarded several commendations and a few medals for his service to duty.

When he left the military he spent some time living in Norway before moving on to live the life of an Islander in both Jersey and Cyprus. He also developed a taste for travelling and is now setting up a new home in the Far East.

Not one to shy away from a bit of action, he once took on an armed burglar in a Norwegian post office that served as the local bank under the flat he lived in. This earned him a little bit of notoriety through the local papers, who were amazed that he managed to disarm the intruder and then proceed to truss him up ready for collection by the local police force.

Very interested in the boxing scene, he became involved with the Jersey Leonis Boxing Club and whilst there he rubbed shoulders with some famous names such as Frank Bruno, Sugar Ray Leonard and John Conteh.

It wasn't really that surprising then that his debut novel is in the action-adventure and suspense thriller genres.

He clearly draws on his life's experiences, both during and after his military service, and has produced a very credible and fast moving suspense thriller 'Jersey's Secret Assassin' which Eddie really hopes you will thoroughly enjoy.

The reviews he has received to date suggest that you most probably will.

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