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Edd grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains which gave him a hearty appreciation of the outdoors. He says, "Whenever life gets too rough for me, the mountains offer stability and solace."

It was in high school when thoughts of becoming a writer first entered his mind; the Army came next, instead of college.

Voss's early interest in photography led to becoming an Army photographer. But no matter where in the world he would be, the mountains always called out to him.

Later on in life Edd began trucking and found a whole new appreciation of America. It also became a source of inspiration for his short stories. His novella "A Tree for America" came about because of a challenge put out by the editor of a trucking magazine. She had read a story about a possible movie where a bureaucrat takes a ride with a trucker delivering the nation's Christmas tree. In the movie the trucker learns about Christmas from the bureaucrat, well Edd wrote it the way it really should have been, just the opposite. It was published and he began to realize that he might actually have a writing talent worth pursuing.

He and his wife live on a twenty-acre ranch north of Spokane, Washington. From reading his stories you will find that he loves dogs and horses, and hopes someday to have more of both.

At present he is working on a full-length western and a fantasy novel.

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