ED e. ELLIS is from the SHOW ME STATE (Missouri)
And not only advocates change for Main Street,
he lives on Main Street.

was from the Kansas City, Missouri area.

His statement “THE BUCK STOPS HERE” spoke to acceptance of responsibility and accountability!

His status as the only person to drop a nuclear bomb in history speaks to hard answers to hard times.

ED e.ELLIS also wants hard answers to hard times and presents his nuclear option to America.

“A DO OVER” of our political and corporate influences that rape their own citizens as well as the world.

“A DO OVER” of additional rights being added to the constitution and the bill of rights including the word “FAIR “ in it as it refers to the treatment and protections of “WE THE PEOPLE” !

“A DO OVER” as to the debit we leave our grandkids and their grandkids!

“A Do OVER’ as to how we can make change that will give us more dollars!

Calling for the elimination of most things that hemorrhage monies to the wall street special interests.


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Ed e. Ellis calls for the elimination of Congress, Wall Street, Tax Code, Military, Banks, Drugs, Lobbying, Alcohol, Nicotine, Non-Profits, Post Office, and the Political Ads & more. (Reasons, solutions) Line Item Veto (retroactive) prevents the stalemate games of Congress that create the very earmarks and pork, deficit spending, lobbying into debt. Ed ‘s answers to homelessness and more.

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