Ed Gibson


For 21 years, Ed held the American record for time in space, having travelled 35 million miles and spent 84 days as the Scientist-Pilot aboard America’s first space station, Skylab. He worked outside the station for 15 hours during three different space walks. Ed also served on the support crew for the Apollo 12 mission and as the ground communicator with the flight crew while they explored the moon.

He earned Air Force wings at Williams AFB and has logged over 2,200 hours in high-performance aircraft, 100 hours in helicopters, and 2017 in space.

Ed earned a BS from the University of Rochester and a MS and PhD from Caltech. He was selected as one of six members of the first group of Scientist-Astronauts from a pool of over 1,000 applicants.

After NASA, Ed excelled in program management and marketing with several aerospace firms, served as President of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and recently retired as Sr. VP at Science Applications International Corp. As one of two Managers at Aerospace Partners, LLC, he served as Chairman of a NASA Review board for America’s return to the moon.

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