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  • How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School on Sep. 12, 2013
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    This compact and easily readable book by Margaret Welwood provides advice on how parents can help their young children develop. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the book is that, through its simple and direct language, it expresses the author's pure joy on the subject of bringing up a baby and being part of its development. The style will appeal to those who prefer a friendly tone over the formal, removed voices of some child-development books. The book does not claim to be a thorough treatment of every aspect of child development. Instead, it focuses on some core principles, such as using music to aid a child's development; showing the child simple, bright colours; selecting toys to help develop creativity; and choosing the appropriate kinds of speech to best engage the child with. The book even addresses development according to the age of the child, stressing the importance of sound imitation and simple words to begin with and concepts later on. The author draws on twenty-five years teaching English as a second language and, just as importantly, on her experiences with the many children she has seen grow up within her own circle of family and friends. She transmits her knowledge delightfully, so why not give this pragmatic guide a go?