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Smashwords book reviews by Edwin

  • Alligators Overhead: The Adventures of Pete and Weasel Book 1 on July 22, 2012

    Pete's one unhappy and bored kid. He earns a reputation for being a trouble maker, so it's no wonder Principal Pitt blames him for all the bad things that happen at school, and Sheriff Elmer keeps his eye on him around town. His aunt encourages him to change before it's too late and before he does something he will really regret. But then his aunt knows something he doesn't; he might have inherited the family tendency toward witchcraft. Then suddenly, it's not his usual pranks getting him into trouble, but something completely out of his control. Ever since he turned twelve a few months ago, all he has to do is imagine something, and it happens, and he has no idea how to make these strange things stop. Even his one friend, Weasel, doesn't believe Pete's innocent. Then what Pete believed was only a legend comes true. A mysterious mansion reappears and someone reappears with it. Now Pete's in more trouble than he could ever cook up on his own. Alligators Overhead is a kid-friendly book that I downloaded for my 13 year old niece. I decided to read it first and found it had some surprising twists as well as great "folksy" characters to enjoy. It's a romp in the swamp and a wonderful summer read.