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  • Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice: an Informal Textbook for Discerning Seekers on Oct. 08, 2016

    An important book for seekers and non-seekers, believers and non-believers (and for those who feel that belief isn't necessary for spirituality!). What's essential about the book is that the author is essentially non-denominational, and therefore can look at individual religions from a more honest and less biased spiritual perspective. The power of having this perspective cannot be underestimated - the author allows himself - and therefore his readers - to question everything, and to look rationally at all belief systems. I believe that writing about the _core_ of all religions (i.e., spirituality itself or mysticism) is desperately needed, and this book provides that. This is a book that asks - demands - everyone to not just think, but to think deeply, and to allow one's own belief system to be challenged. Well done!