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C.B. Lacedonia
Latest book: Whispering Orchid A Collection of Dreams. Published February 24, 2015. (5.00 from 1 review)

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  • Women Who Think Too Much on Sep. 04, 2013

    Wow! Fantastic! This book throws a funny bone at the heart of dysfunctional relationships and hits you right between the eyes. Dark humor drives this soul-bearing and sobering narrative, but Jeanne Marie lets it fly without losing the gravity of her subject. Beneath the often laugh-out-loud comedy, Marie’s honesty and vulnerability entice you to notice jarringly familiar experiences that exist in your own life. Her words echo unforgettably, resonating into your everyday life, making it impossible to ignore the empowering mirror she has created for anyone who has ever been… is currently… or wants to be… in a relationship. It amazes me that such a short and fun book is powerful enough to change your life. A must-read for everyone, particularly women and teens!
  • Whispering Orchid A Collection of Dreams on Feb. 25, 2015

    C.B. Lacedonia's provocative use of light to uncover dark, hidden sorrows and cast shadows on bright, shining joy creates an illumination of rare and fleeting beauty. Whether through rhythmic building of familiar feelings, a ghostly narrative of unique perspective or a compelling glimpse of life imagined, Whispering Orchid discovers an unsettling peace within the human condition that connects us all. The simple prose presents as light reading, but gently cultivates complex emotion and leaves a profoundly lasting weight.