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Hi, my name is Eileen and I'm ALMOST a teen. I'm a super bubbly girl and I love rambling about nothing and having freak outs over really stupid things. :) I try to be really nice as often as possible, and I'm really willing so I like to help people! I also have a mild case of OCD, which you can probably see if you look closely. I like to read, sing, and blog! I read really fast, and I read basically anything Young Adult that strikes my fancy. :) I want to be a famous singer more than anything in the entire world, and my idol is Taylor Swift. I write country/pop songs as often as possible, and I think they're pretty decent. I play piano in my spare time. If you want to know more about me, visit my blog, ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***! Or, if you have any questions, just contact me at eileenblog(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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  • Feathermore on April 19, 2012

    I really enjoyed this book. This is one of those short reads that won't really take you that long to read, but it will be totally worth it! It starts off by you meeting Jade, a teenager living a seemingly normal life. She has her best friends, she might be a little bit at the bottom of the social ladder, and a perfect target for the queen bee at the school. And then later the queen bee's nemesis when Jade captures the attention of the new student who's also hopelessly handsome, Avan. I could really relate to Jade and her everyday life. Well, before all the supernatural things started happening. I also loved the supporting characters, Claire and Nate, because they were there for Jade the entire time and they really wanted the best for her and tried to look out for her. In the end I was really upset at what they did, but that was all part of the book and quite necessary. I still really love their characters, but I felt bad for Jade because of what she went through during that last stretch of the book. It was literally like she lost everybody she'd ever cared for. I really liked Avan in this book because of how caring he seemed and he was a great love interest. He and Jade seemed like a really great pair together, and Avan's that type of guy that would do almost anything for a girl he really cares about, and maybe even loves. I'm pretty sure he actually did in end. I read this a few days ago, and I can't remember the specific details of the plot, but enough to write a review with my praises and complaints. But don't worry, the complaints in here are very minimal. One of my complaints were the plot holes. I was a little confused at parts and some of the plot events weren't that well portrayed, but that was only at one or two parts, although at a more important part. one example was how Jade was a fallen angel. It was explained, but not fully, so I was a little confused at how everything about that really worked out. But, the rest of the plot was really great and everything was extremely well-written. The whole plot of the book flowed smoothly, except the one or two small sections I mentioned. It was really easy to get absorbed into this novel. The ending was so tragic! I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room, but then I remembered how stinking expensive the thing was so I satisfied myself by throwing a pillow at my brother. (I know, I'm a great sister, right? But he threw one back at me, so we're even!) I can't wait to read the next book now because that cliffhanger was brutal and I was devastated by the ending. This book was like Lauren Oliver's Delirium in a way because of what the ending was like. Fans of her books will definitely enjoy this one.
  • The Curse Girl on April 30, 2012

    Talk about a tug on your heartstrings kind of book. Let's put this into perspective. I think I'm going to be doing this more often, especially with awesome books like these because you guys need to see the facts for yourself and their fun to do. Anyway, what I'm talking about is the before-and-after analysis. Ever had that reaction before and that reaction after? Of course you have. Well, mine for this book were really widespread: Before: Well, that's a really cryptic summary and there's not a lot of what's going to happen, but it sounds good so I'm going to give it a try. After: OhmygodIlovedthatbookIneedtorereaditbutit'ssolateI'llreadittomorrowbecauseitwassogoodKateneedstowritethisstoryinWill'spointofviewsoIcandosomegoodfangirling!!! Yeah. Those thoughts, through my head, at that speed. Exactly. First of all, isn't this cover the best thing that you've ever seen? It's gorgeous, isn't it? Now, it doesn't give you a lot as to what the story's really about, but I like how the title is related to what happens in the story, and it's not some random title that doesn't even come up in the story, like some other books. The Curse Girl is actually what Will and everybody in the supposed "haunted house" calls Bee, so yes, it's very relavant. This is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. When I first started reading, I was extremely confused because this book was one of those "jump now, talk later" kind of books in the beginning, and I was more than hopelessly confused. But, since us book reviewers aren't here for nothing, I searched up the book again, and I read a review. It was supposed to be a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast, and I immediately got it. That was really the only problem in this book, the fact that the beginning was basically incomprehensible, along with a few minor plot holes because of the sheer shortness of this book, and another thing that's really small I'll bring up later. When you read everything from Bee's point of view, you get the impression that Will's a jerk and nothing but a jerk. Which, is pretty much true for the first few chapters. I really admired Bee's character, how sarcastic and fiery she was. Bee definitely knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. And she's got this heart of gold. At night, there's someone in the dungeon called Liam who's like a werewolf and just screams most of the night because she's in so much pain, and Bee just drops everything and goes to help him and try to ease the pain. I think that's a really sweet thing of her to do. Throughout this book, you see Bee and Will trying to break the curse that has Will trapped, you kind of see them falling for each other, which was really sweet. I loved the fact that it wasn't anything rushed, given the length of this book. It was gradual, so when it did happen, you were like "Awww. *goofy grin plastered on face*" (You are the best thing/That's ever been mine. Mine, Taylor Swift) And the fact was this wasn't an easy love. It was one with lots of bumpy hills and low points, but it eventually all paid off and you got a profit from it. :) (And I remember that fight, 2:30 AM/When everything was slipping right out of our hands...You said I'll never leave you alone. Mine, Taylor Swift.) The Curse Girl had drama, drama, drama, and more drama. There were bunches of times where you would think that everything was going well and it was all going to work out, and then BAM! there's a complication, some fighting, some screaming, and some gasping and cursing on your part. (Well, on my part, it was just the gasping.) It definitely kept you on the edge of your seat, and I was surprised by everything that happened in the book. Trust me, this is the perfect book to read if you like to be surprised. Now it comes to the "I wish..." part of the review that's almost inevitable for people like me who always just want more. As I said in my After reaction, if you can decipher that, "Kate needs to write this story in Will's point of view so I can do some good fangirling!" A lot was happening on Will's part that Bee never got to figure out fully, so I think I would have a heart attack if Kate wrote this book in Will's point of view. She probably won't, but if she does, I will probably and most likely blow my top. ;)