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I have an interdisciplinary background in writing, communications, and the media arts. I explore media in transition, a range that encompasses film, video, print, digital arts, and the web. I'm interested in what artists and writers are doing and in what critics and scholars are saying. My current work focuses on personal and cultural memory.

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  • Death-Defying Nina on Feb. 13, 2013

    By publishing Death-Defying Nina: A Memoir, Lily Salter lets other people who are having trouble coping with death and dying know they’re not alone. Sparing readers any sugarcoating, Salter chronicles her sister Nina’s struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS. Gorgeous and adored by all who know her, Nina is a happily married flight attendant in her forties when her motor skills begin to decline. As Salter explains, “With beauty, brains, and wit, she’s a hit. And in our family circus, Nina steals the show.” Salter tells a tragic but life-affirming story about family and friendship. Besides getting to know Nina and the people who love her, readers also get to know the author, a devoted caretaker and a witness to the decline of her cherished older sister. With life support, Nina defies death for almost five years. Writing helps Salter—who is single, broke, and pushing forty—cope with the mixed feelings she has about her sister’s “slow dance with death.” At times brutally honest, Salter shares her frustration and anger. Ultimately, though, the story pays tribute to Nina, who, Salter claims, has the last laugh.