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  • Living Life On Your Own Terms: 3 Steps to Transform Your Life! on March 23, 2012

    If all you want is a quick fix, see a movie or have someone read your tarot cards. If you really do want to change, and we only change when we want to, then think longer then an hour or two. So what does that mean? It means read and think, think and read, DON'T JUST READ AND FORGET. If you truly want some peace of mind and soul, read her words once, then think and come back again. But when you come back read only a little, and then spend some time thinking about what you read. Good food is best when it is savoured and enjoyed in small amounts, then it is truly appreciated; it is the same when you read her words. When you have thought about it, go back and read some more and think some more. Linda lays out an excellent beginning road map to finding some peace and learning how to be happier. So can you follow a map, and more importantly, do you want to?