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Megan Creel is a life-long writer of fiction, and began writing her first romances in middle school, sharing her notebook of stories with her girl friends, often during class. She is immensely grateful for the love and tolerance shown her by her seventh grade English teacher, Mr. Robert Dahl, who, after confiscating said notebook during a class lecture he deemed was being disturbed by the three giggling girls, did not destroy the work or demean the author in any way. Instead, he returned the notebook, enclosing a thoughtful letter proclaiming Megan a “diamond in the rough”, and challenging her to live as honestly as she writes. They remained friends through correspondence until his death.
She is an avid collector of conversations and viewpoints, and is most especially fascinated by the actuality of men, as opposed to, or perhaps in contrast with, the social construct called “men”.
Megan lives in the Texas hill country with her husband and two children.

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The Companion
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 102,360. Language: English. Published: December 12, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Historical, Fiction » Historical » General
Between the Golden Age of Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome, there was the Rise of Macedonia. Deake has grown weary of war and hungers for more in life. Kera was groomed for queendom but lives as a slave in the bathhouse for the entertainment of the officers. The gods have fated them to be together, but do they possess the courage required to win the ultimate battle of loving versus living?

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  • Geeks Bearing Gifts on Jan. 07, 2011

    This was a good, if short, read. I didn't look at the word count when I purchased it, and so was expecting something much longer. It is a complete story, true to it's synopsis, but I was nonetheless left feeling like it was a teaser trailer rather than a complete work. Most notably absent was any description of sex. A disappointment because the synopsis made it seem so steamy.
  • The Self-Publishing Manual, Volume 1 on Jan. 07, 2011

    This was an invaluable resource for self-publishing, and tremendously simplified what had become a long and muddled journey. I first read it in print at the local library, and found I needed to refer to it so often, I just downloaded to my notebook that I use for writing. It was fabulous for toggling back and forth between the work, the reference, and the recommended internet resources.
  • The Self-Publishing Manual, Volume 2 on Jan. 07, 2011

    I grabbed this book on impulse because Volume 1 was so indispensable, I thought I couldn't live without Volume 2 for e-publishing. I was disappointed, as the material was largely duplicative of Volume 1 plus the free "kits" you get when you sign up at Poynter's website. Like, word for word duplicative. I think you could safely skip this one, providing you have Volume 1, and the freebies from the Parapublishing website.